Belgian blue stone

Belgian bluestone antico


  • Floors
  • Wall coverings
  • Terraces

Starting from: €100/sqm

Staal 10x10 | sample 10x10 | échantillon 10x10

€ 24,20

      All prices include VAT (21%) and exclude delivery
      All dimensions in centimeters (cm)

      Available in:

      • 20/20/2cm
      • 40/40/2cm
      • 60/40/2cm
      • 60/60/2cm
      • Custom tiles

      Elegant simplicity, the dark brushed Antico tiles from Carrières du Hainaut infuse a rustic and warm ambiance into your decor. The tumbled and patinated blue stone tiles evoke reminiscence of ancient abbeys and castles. This authentic and weathered character is emphasized by the uneven edges.

      Rediscover the charm of kitchens from bygone eras with these Antico tiles. With their varied color shades and unique structural properties, the Antico tiles are excellently suited for a cozy kitchen without worries. Even in bustling circulation areas, signs of wear and scratches have no impact on the surface. On the contrary, these tiles gain patina over time and ensure safety with their light anti-slip effect. Nevertheless, they feel particularly pleasant under bare feet. The perfect covering for a bathroom or even a pool.

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